WWE 2K14 Roster - 10 Horrible Choices Revealed

ultimate warrior wwe2k14 The full roster for the upcoming WWE 2K14 game has been revealed. With all the anticipation and speculation leading up to this announcement, it's safe to say that some will be left disappointed by the superstars chosen and those who didn't make the cut. Certain fan favourites are notably absent from the roster, whereas there are some inclusions which, quite frankly, are poor excuses to try and fill up the numbers. I'm not here just to preach about how disappointed I am that Fandango was unceremoniously left out, despite how likely it is that he'll be included as downloadable content. I'm here to try and find some logic in the creative decisions behind the masterminds of this game. Well, I say logic. It's all about the pennies I'm sure. Some guys may be late to the game, I get that, but that doesn't justify the inclusion of Aksana. Nothing does.

10. OUT: Rob Van Dam

Wwe 13 A Granted, RVD has only just returned to the WWE, but he has been shoved into some high profile match-ups that current WWE fans will recognise him for, despite being put into an ill-fated partnership with Ricardo Rodriquez over the distinguished and highly credible World Heavyweight Championship... Yes, alright, he's a pawn for a rivalry that could've used anyone in his place, but the fact that WWE settled on him ensures screen time and some kind of meaningful existence. What if he were to win the championship by the time of WWE 2K14's release? He won't, but then that would be another champion absent from the game. RVD is a great performer, familiar with older and now newer fans of WWE. His place on the roster, however, has been given to Hulk Hogan and his various guises. Is that good for business?
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