WWE 2K15: 10 Unforgivable Issues That Insult The Fans

It's one thing to prioritise the PS4/Xbox One release, but this is ridiculous.

When a game is released for the last-gen consoles as well as next-gen, there are understandably going to be expectations from the former, although the realisation that the game won't match the next-gen release is one that the gamers have just come to accept. At the time of it's official announcements all those months ago, there was already a huge anticipation from the first ever next-gen WWE game. 2K15 promised to be the world's most realistic representation of professional wrestling and quite frankly, it's been long overdue. As the game drew ever closer, we were treated to official screenshots, gameplay trailers and full entrance videos. Each of them were from the next-gen version of the game and they all looked visually stunning - although that left a lot of lingering questions about what state the other was in. Now the last-gen version of the game has been released - a month prior to next-gen - and the overall consensus has been... wait, what? This game is in no way what we were expecting and have waited all these months for. Granted, it couldn't have lived up to the hype of it's PS4/Xbox One counterpart, but this phoney imitation has left the fans reeling. Given that it's really just a refurbishment of the previous game, it should've been called WWE 2K14.2. Here are ten issues that WWE 2K15 needs to address immediately.
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