WWE 2K15 Gamers Banned For Creating Chris Benoit

2K Games taking drastic steps against those who want to use the former World champion.

Chris Benoit Wwe2k15 Big Brother is watching you, or at least that€™s how it seems following the revelation that 2K Games has taken to banning players who opt to create taboo wrestlers using the facial mapping system. When Cory Bundick found himself locked out of the online content for WWE 2K15 he took to Twitter to ask why and it didn€™t take long for someone to unearth the real reason for his suspension. It turns out his decision to create former World Heavyweight Champion and double murder suicide suspect Chris Benoit was a step too far, causing 2K Games and WWE to take drastic steps to show their disdain. It€™s not hard to see why anyone would want to distance themselves as a brand from Benoit. For those of you who have been living under a rock Benoit was responsible for the murders of his wife Nancy and young son Daniel back in 2007, and as such has become persona non grata and has simply been erased from the history of professional wrestling completely. It seems though that despite what WWE would expect from the so-called WWE Universe the fans still appear to love Chris Benoit the wrestler €“ as opposed to Chris Benoit the killer €“ and are keen to use him as part of the Create a Wrestler section of the game. How do you feel about this? Are 2K and WWE right to ban users that create guys like Benoit or have they over stepped the mark? Have your say in the comments section below.
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