WWE 2K16: 10 Crippling Gameplay Issues That Must Be Fixed

Come on 2K, you (mostly) nailed the roster, now polish up the gameplay.

Thanks to 2K taking on board a ton of community feedback, many more potential WWE fans are checking out their latest product this year. The 2015 iteration is the best Yuke's baseline formula has been since the Attitude-themed 2K13, and although that's not saying a whole lot thanks to the meagre refinements that always come with annual instalments, 2K get more things right than wrong - although it's still far from perfect. Thing is, they don't have to do anything, as the WWE faithful are forced to lap it up regardless. Want a wrestling game? That'll be whatever these guys put out, and unlike across the 2000s where we had the Smackdown, Wrestlemania and Raw series' all aligned to either PlayStation, Nintendo or Microsoft respectively, now 2KXX is all that's left. Simply put, the only reason 2015's entry is even in a playable state and not revelling in corpulent wealth like the buggy Assassin's Creed games, is because 2K essentially needed to apologise for their lacklustre 2014 release. As such, we've got 120 superstars (with only a handful given a fresh facial scan to get them looking remotely accurate) and a ton of old modes thrown back in to appease the masses - but, like a handful of scratches on a newly-minted Porsche - having every other aspect tightened up only highlights the drastically unpolished parts more than ever.
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