WWE 2K16: 10 Strongest Wrestlers

Just who holds the highest overall rating?

WWE 2K16 is the latest entry in 2K Sport's wrestling cannon. Forgoing the arcade-like experiences of before, pro wrestling video games have long been obsessed with providing as realistic a simulation of WWE events as possible. That doesn't just stop with great graphics, picture-perfect arenas or entrances, it extends to the actual in-ring action too. To some, this is wonderful. To others, they bemoan the fact that the games are no longer quite as fun as they used to be. A clear focus on slowing matches down - thus theoretically making them more true-to-life - doesn't appeal to some people. Whatever the case, it cannot be argued that 2K16 comes across better than 2K15, which proved a woeful first entry on the current generation of consoles. In WWE 2K16, it's interesting to note that some of the ratings for wrestlers feel a little distant from their real life counterparts. For example, Roman Reigns (90 overall) is just ahead of the likes of Titus O'Neil (87 overall). Then, there are legends like Andre The Giant, who pitches a rating of 89. That's not even in the top 10, and is only 3 points better than Darren Young (86)! So, who exactly makes up the 10 strongest wrestlers in the game? If you want to be guaranteed that you'll hand out an ass-kicking, these are the characters to choose from.


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