WWE 2K16: 10 Things That Need To Be Brought Back

The Worst There Was, The Worst There Is, There Worst There Ever Will Be... Hopefully.

The move to a more powerful platform has seen the quality of WWE's showpiece game decrease. There's no denying it. Essentially, every WWE fan that owns either a PS4 or Xbox One and has bought a copy of WWE 2K15 has paid for graphics and not much else. And even then, the realism and likeness to the WWE roster aren't anything to write home about. Many of the features that we knew and loved have been sacrificed and not replaced. This leaves the lifespan of the game desperately short and has left gamers, this one included, going round in circles on career mode. How many times can you create a superstar then work your way up to WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Let's give credit where it's due, the superstars' entrances look fantastic and arguably their best ever. When strolling down the ramp with their carefully choreographed entrances or when taunting in the ring, WWE and 2K Sports have nailed it. Unfortunately, that's just about where the positives stop. When the competitors in the ring come into contact, things go desperately downhill. For all 2K€™s talk about the upgraded animations in this year€™s game, the end result isn't quite as impressive as you might hope. Maybe 2K should consider sacrificing the almost perfect entrances for a more rounded game with tonnes of game modes, tonnes of creation space and more free-flowing and seamless action in the ring. Here are 10 aspects from past WWE games' past that 2K should look to reinstate in 2K16.
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