WWE 2K16: 11 Easter Eggs That Must Feature

Owens' ROH Package Piledriver is essential.

WWE 2K16 is due for release at the end of October, promising improved graphics and the biggest WWE roster in gaming history. Beyond all of that, fans should also expect some surprises. The developers at 2K are serious about having fun, as demonstrated by some of the light hearted office photos they've posted during the making of the game. You can bet that they'll have thrown in some easter eggs during the creative process. The other cool thing about the development team behind 2K16, is that many of them are actual WWE fans. They're up to date with what's going on in WWE, in addition to being knowledgeable about wrestling history. That means some of the easter eggs in 2K16 could be nostalgic nods to the past. Just like real WWE, fans want to be surprised, they want fun little references to their fandom. The following are easter eggs that WWE 2K16 must include!

11. Specific City Reactions

What would be fun and keep WWE 2K16 interesting, is if different cities offered different experiences. Imagine playing the game with the specifics of a Chicago crowd, united in loud booing when John Cena is in the ring. Or how about the London, UK crowd, with their distinctive "John Cena sucks" sing along during his entrance. Local heroes should also be reflected in the crowd dynamics. For example, the Canadian wrestlers (heel or face) should be getting cheers in Canada. Attention to detail like that, with specific city reactions instead of generic arenas, would make for a lot of fun.
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