WWE 2K16: 11 Reasons It Needs A Brock Lesnar 'Beast' Mode

The most over star in WWE needs to be 2K16's priority.

WWE 2K16 is due out in the autumn of 2015 and promises a whole new mode to play with. The new features are the reason that most fans buy the game every year. Two years ago we had The Undertaker streak and WrestleMania modes, and this year we had the 'rivalries' and NXT modes. They offer great selling points to the consumer base. This year, there's surely only one sure fire choice for the new game mode. Brock Lesnar 'Beast' Mode. It would capitalise on WWE's most popular star and offer some truly scintillating gameplay. But before getting into the merits of Lesnar as the franchise star, let's look at the footsteps he'll be following in. WWE 2K14 went after the nostalgia sell, offering a 30 Years Of WrestleMania mode and Undertaker Streak mode. They were a lot of fun, for both wrestling fans and casual gamers. Last year's efforts weren't quite as inspiring. The 'rivalries' mode was decent, but it just didn't seem as grand as the nostalgia from a year previous. Similarly the NXT mode was seizing on a popular concept, but it just didn't captivate as fully as it should've done. But with WWE 2K16, the video game should make a thunderous return to form. Particularly if they build it around 'The Beast Incarnate' Brock Lesnar. Here's the reasons you need WWE 2K16 Brock Lesnar 'Beast' Mode in your life.
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