WWE 2K16: 20 Highest Rated CAWs

The most over fan creations of all.

Though the main roster of WWE 2K16 is a stunningly diverse affair, it was inevitable that some fans would be unhappy with the missing faces, who've ranged from the inevitable (Hulk Hogan) to the entirely confusing (Road Dogg). But that's where the CAW community comes in, offering fans the chance to bring back banned legends, former stars with WWE contracts elsewhere and fantasy characters who'd never get anywhere near the ring in real life. Luckily, the community also self-moderates thanks to its in-built appraisal system: like Youtube's much manipulated Thumbs Up and Down model, the best content attracts the most positive responses. And that inevitably helps fellow downloaders decide which CAWs deserve their attention most, offering a simple indicator of which characters are the most appreciated. Oddly, the ratings never attract as any numbers as the downloads chart, but that just means that any CAW that brings in more than 120 Yeahs is basically solid gold in the eyes of the community. But who's highest?

20. AJ Styles

Rating: 134 Yeahs (1 Boo) The TNA veteran might well be added to the roster next year if rumours of talks with WWE turn out to be concrete, but for now fans will have to rely on this highest rated CAW to play with him. His hair might be a little on the dark side, but it's unmistakably Styles, which is clearly why he's picked up so many Yeahs!
Stats A very generous 96 overall, making him more valuable than top Babyface John Cena (who has an embarrassing 95). Yes, it's unrealistic, but that's what fans do. Realistically, you're looking at a 90 at very best.

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