WWE 2K16: 40 New Screenshots You Need To See

Another reading from the book of Austin...

With less than a week to go until WWE 2K16's release, we're finding more and more out about the new game. So much new stuff that we've just about seen all that there is to see before we've actually got our hands on the damn thing! As well as the latest reading from the book of Austin - which, sees a number of WWE Superstars burning possessions of their most famous opponents - we've also now been given our first look at the inner workings of the game in the form of every unlockable item and what the menus will look like. We've also been shown what every Diva entrance will look like, including two versions of Stephanie McMahon's ring walk. It appears that WWE and 2K had an embargo on footage of the new game which was lifted on Tuesday. This means that there are quite literally hundreds of clips online that uncover quite literally every single detail about the beta version of the game - an almost, but not quite complete version of what you will have in your hands next week. With all of that in mind, here's 40 new screenshots from WWE 2K16 (Thanks to DenkOps' Youtube channel for the footage of the Divas' entrances).

40. The Home Screen

Well, a large portion of it anyway. Clean cut with a nice blend of old and new in terms of the Superstars showcased.
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