WWE 2K16: 5 Real Life Events The Games Eerily Foreshadowed

Be wary of appearing on the cover of WWE 2K games... there may be a curse.

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Hindsight is a funny thing. As anticipation builds to the release of WWE's next video game 2K16, fans find themselves drawn towards playing back through previous titles. Whether it's to remind themselves of why they fell in love with the series in the first place or whether to possibly say goodbye to outdated rosters and features that may never return. We all have our reasons for going back. 

The extremely successful (if divisive) series has been going strong since 2000s Smackdown!, back when the WWE was still called WWF and since Playstations didn't end with a number. They have grown, along with the fans, through the Attitude, Ruthless Aggression, PG and Reality Eras and have become a major part of the WWE mythos.

But in hindsight, one can't help but notice many strange moments scattered throughout the series that reflect real life events. No, I don't mean the Attitude Era or WrestleMania Modes from recent titles that reflected the past. I'm talking about cases where the WWE games offered a scene or line of dialogue that would actually occur in the future - like within a year of that title's release.

Here's five times where the Smackdown/Vs Raw/2K series foreshadowed (predicted?) future events in WWE that make playing the games nowadays extremely chilling.

5. A Warning For Eddie Guerrero (And Chris Benoit?)


Let's get the heavy stuff out of the way first.

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2006 (released November 11th 2005) featured a story where Eddie Guerrero stole the Undertaker's urn and used it to control the Deadman. Trust Eddie to lie, cheat and steal right? The angle would culminate in a Buried Alive match where Undertaker chokeslammed Latino Heat into a casket and closed the lid. Unfortunately, Guerrero was found dead in his hotel room 2 days after the game was released.

Obviously nobody saw it coming and nobody with a brain cell would accuse WWE or THQ of poor taste given that the timing was just a coincidence. However, it must have been terribly uncomfortable for fans everywhere to witness Guerrero in a coffin with Tazz only making things worse with the line "looks like it's ashes to ashes for Latino Heat."

The Undertaker would continue to offer uncomfortable foreshadowing a year later with the sequel SVR 2007 where he feuded with Chris Benoit. This was the last game to feature Benoit for obvious reasons, but fans playing the game today might notice this horribly ironic quote from Taker. "If you insist on making this mistake, your grieving family will have no one to blame but you when the inevitable occurs."

I'm not even going to touch that one!

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