WWE 2K16 To Feature Stone Cold Steve Austin Mode

Hell yeah!

WWE 2K16 will be centred around Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jerry Lawler has said on the Memphis Cerrito Live Radio show. It appears as if the 2K Showcase Mode will be about WWE's biggest Attitude Era star, with Lawler stating that he and Jim Ross have already been recording vocals for it. €œWe€™re already working on that. A lot of people ask about my old broadcast partner. They€™re having in this year€™s game, a big Stone Cold Steve Austin Attitude Era section and they have me and J.R. back together again in the studio doing voice-overs for that." Lawler told the Radio show. This is great news for WWE fans. Austin is the biggest star ever. His inclusion is sure to be fan pleasing and it also makes you wonder if he'll be coming back for a match at WrestleMania 32 next year. This could all be a part of a 2K and WWE arranged hype machine. The fact that it is an Attitude Era component, it also makes you wonder if there will be another Attitude Era Showcase in the game. Last year we had Triple H vs Shawn Michaels and CM Punk vs John Cena modes. It makes sense that there will be at least one other showcase to accompany the Austin mode.

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