WWE 2K17: 10 Most Realistic TNA CAWs

Has your CAW made the cut?


CAW is a wonderful tool in WWE games as it's the thing that allows you to alleviate the pain of not seeing your favourite Superstar in the roster.

2K's development team are always going to face an uphill battle to fulfil the desires of each and every member of the WWE Universe, not least when it comes to including Superstars from other world renowned companies. Quite frankly, WWE can't use these stellar names because of legal reasons, and you'll just have to deal with this fact until the moment you see your 'indie darling' pictured in an NXT tracksuit alongside developmental God himself, Triple H.

Despite having a torrid time of it, TNA remains one of the biggest names outside the four walls of Titan Towers. Impact found itself in limbo for the majority of 2016 with a legal battle between Billy Corgan and Anthem Sports & Entertainment threatening its very future. I don't watch the product, aside from anything involving Broken Matt Hardy, but the fact that you read so much negativity about the on-screen happenings tells you things in the ring haven't been very good either. However, Matt, Brother Nero, Senior Benjamin et al have kept the ship afloat ahead of the end of year spectacular, Total Nonstop Deletion, later this week.

And with that said, and with the company doing enough to presumably seem themselves through the new year, here are the 10 most realistic TNA CAWs in WWE 2K17...

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