WWE 2K17: 20 WTF CAWS You Need To See

Who doesn't want to see Skeletor and Donald Trump fight Harambe?

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Though the main roster of WWE 2K17 is absolutely double-stuffed with playable characters, it's always inevitable that the Community of players will still swarm out to create missing faces, alternate characters and their own creations to personalise their play-time.

Some of those people are clearly exceptionally unhinged, judging by the creations they release to the Community to download. Yes, you'll see the traditional blend of superheroes and movie characters, alongside personified memes like Harambe and Pepe the Frog (both of which you'll be able to play with a long time before you'll get to play as Chris Benoit), but some things are even weirder still.

So, in the interest of celebrating the very strange, very entertaining minds of some of WWE 2K17's players, let's delve into their imaginations to some of the deepest, darkest corners. And bear in mind, all of these CAWs have been downloaded at least 500 times.

Here are the weirdest WTF CAWs from the WWE 2K17 community...

20. Harambe

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Of course Harambe is in there, and of course almost 12,000 players have downloaded him. This is what 2016 is.

To be fair, the design is pretty spot on, and the creator has only taken advantage of textures in the custom suite (which were DEFINITELY put in for this express purpose).

What is quite surprising is that Harambe, a fully grown angry gorilla only scores a 76 overall.

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