WWE 2K17: 22 New Screenshots You Need To See

Details about the new game are finally being released...


Excitement within WWE's gaming universe hit fever pitch this week as the first set of screen shots and roster announcements for 2K17 took the internet by storm.

A total of 19 Superstars were announced from all eras of WWE's modern (ish) past, which indicates we're set to have a roster that couple topple last year's behemoth of over 120 unique character models.

Slowly but surely we are learning things about the new game which is due to be released in October. We know that Brock Lesnar is the cover star and that Goldberg is a special pre-order bonus. We also learned recently that there's going to be a special NXT version of the game that comes with all sorts of treats. This year's game is shaping up to be a cracker!

You're about to see how great certain renders of Superstars are going to look in this year's game, but the improvement doesn't stop there. We also got to see Brock Lesnar's entrance in 2K17 this week and it's streets ahead of last year's rendition. Brock just looks more like Brock in the way that he moves, with his signature bounce at the top of the ramp pitch perfect.

And with that, here are all the new screenshots and roster artwork released so far for WWE 2K17...

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