WWE 2K17: 25 Most Downloaded CAWs

The hottest community creations so far...

WWE 2k17 Downloaded CAWs
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A roster that should make your head spin and still WWE 2K17's fans want more...

Thanks to the scanning process and the infamously long delay between setting the roster and the game coming out, 2K wrestling games invariably have key characters missing from their rosters. This year, there's no James Ellsworth for instance, which you'd never have suspected would ever be a problem. Thanks WWE Universe..!

Obviously the community creations suite mean fans can add their own edited stars, filling in the gaps, and inevitably other fans flock to the best and the most sorely missed.

There are obviously some notorious figures you won't find on the community: there's no Chris Benoit for instance, and Hulk Hogan seems a notable absentee. Or maybe there just isn't the interest to get them up to the top any more?

Here are the most popular CAWs on WWE 2K17

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