WWE 2K17 Early Reviews: 10 Things We Learned

The reviews are coming through: how does WWE 2K17 stack-up?

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WWE 2K17 has finally hit the market after months of of hype, and the game has a lot to live-up to. Last year’s incarnation represented a big leap forward from 2K15’s disappointment, and while far from perfect, 2K16 was a step in the right direction for wrestling games in general.

With streamlined gameplay, altered reversal and grappling systems, and a focus on realistic simulation-style gameplay over the arcade trappings of old, 2K16 improved on its predecessor's core gameplay. Though still relatively slow and clunky, the Creation Suite saw a number of new options added, while the unparalleled match choice and giant roster made for endless replayability.

Despite 2K16’s improvements, 2K17 entered development with a number of problems to resolve. The desolate and disjointed My Career mode has long been a bugbear in WWE games, as has the lacklustre commentary, and while 2K16’s Creation Suite was better than 2K15’s, it still wasn’t quite as comprehensive as in previous versions.

Have they pulled it off? It’ll be a few days before the reviews really start flooding through, but the early signs look relatively positive for 2K17. Consensus is that Yuke’s and Visual Concepts have developed another solid wrestling game that’s not a giant leap forward, but presents some notable improvements alongside a handful of regressions.

Here are 10 things we learned from WWE 2K17’s early reviews.

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