WWE 2K17: Ranking 13 Worst Looking Wrestlers From Worst To Best

The People's Lopsided Eyebrow.

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One of the most common complaints about the WWE video game franchise is that year-in, year-out, the graphics feel a number of years behind other titles in the sports arena, all the more depressing given the involvement of 2K Sports, who have done such brilliantly photorealistic work in their other sports franchises.

While a handful of wrestlers do resemble their TV counterparts with mind-boggling accuracy, there are far more who look like, well, car wrecks.

Yes, Yuke's and Visual Concepts do have over 150 wrestlers to juggle this time around, but even so, these 13 inaccurate, hilarious and straight-up ugly character models should've never have been allowed into the final game. How could any artist look at these renders and be satisfied with the end result?

Here are the 13 worst looking wrestlers from WWE 2K17...


13. Paige

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Paige looked pretty terrible in last year's game, and sadly isn't faring much better this time around. At some angles the character model just about resembles the WWE superstar, and at others she doesn't even look remotely like the same person.

In addition, the ugliness isn't helped by the unintentionally hilarious dubbing over of her signature "This is my house!" shout, which with poor lip sync and janky animation just makes her look even worse.

Given the likelihood that this will be Paige's last WWE game what with her shaky tenure in the company, this is sadly the best gaming representation her fans are likely to get.

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