WWE 2K19: 10 Most Wanted New Features

Someone needs to tell 2K there's a women's revolution going on...


One has to feel a little sorry for 2K. Not only do the developers have to deal with the weight of history and expectation when it comes to their WWE games, they also have to churn out a title annually only to watch as social media tears them a new one for the lack of significant improvements.

That new gameplay engine the world yearns for? Yeah, we're not getting it so long as 2K are asked to release a 'new' WWE game every 12 months.

That's forgivable, because it's pretty bold to ask any dev to build something from the ground up without any time off to make it happen. Still, it'd be nice if 2K could listen to what series fans want them to build on in 2K19. It's about bloody time some, not all, aspects of WWE video games were given a rethink.

If WWE games are supposed to be a love letter aimed towards those who have been buying them since MicroLeague Wrestling, then it's high time that loyalty was rewarded...

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