WWE 2K19: 10 Tips & Tricks To Play Like A Pro

Be Phenomenal. Be Unbeatable.

WWE 2K19 Steel Cage
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There are few things more satisfying than taking Big Show and slamming him head first through the side of a Steel Cage in WWE 2K19. It's one of the game's simple joys to see Braun Strowman then stroll over Show's unconscious body and touch the floor for a big win. Y'know what else is satisfying?


On the higher difficulty levels, 2K don't make that very easy, and it's even harder to string together a five-star match that'll bag you some well-earned VC points. That's one of the core aims out of the box; unless you want to buy the 'Accelerator' DLC Pack and unlock everything instantly, it's important your matches are high on back and forth action, move variation, finishers and near falls.

This is tough when the AI cheaply reverses finishing moves like 2K borrowed some of FIFA's irritating scripting issues from EA. It's more forgiveable in a pro wrestling game than footy, sure, but it'll still result in controllers bouncing off walls and cries of anguish.

Fear not, fellow gamer. We've got you covered with these handy tips and tricks that'll make winning a habit...

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