WWE 2K19 Early Reviews: 7 Things We Learned

Because the series needed more cel-shaded zombie big heads wearing crowns.

WWE 2K19 Daniel Bryan
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Daniel Bryan's underdog story Showcase, the new Towers Mode and a barmy MyCareer are set to be WWE 2K19's stand out features when the game launches on 9 October (5 October for those who pre-ordered any of the special editions).

You may have some questions about all of them. Is the Bryan Showcase going to be a struggle against an increasingly-convoluted control scheme interspersed with cut scenes? Will the Towers Mode mimic Mortal Kombat 3's arcade-friendly gauntlet-style fun or be discarded after a mere 10-15 minutes? Is MyCareer actually playable this year instead of being a total slog?

The answers to those questions can be found when analysing early reviews of the series' latest entry, and from YouTube play testers who have been pretty candid with their opinions. Generally, comments have been positive, but not everything they've found will be to everyone's tastes.

If nothing else, at least 2K have realised that their once-proud franchise was growing stale. They had to do something to arrest worries that they didn't care what hardcore fans thought and include some new toys.

Here's what the early reviews are saying about how that's going...

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