WWE 2K19 Review: 5 Ups & 3 Downs

We're here to literally 'Break It Down'...

WWE 2K19
WWE.com/2K Games

Throw a copy of WWE 2K19 into your console of choice and prepare to be met with fresh menus and the same sense of customisation and community as before. That overhauled UI and the focus on creativity is nice, yes, but it was never going to be enough to make 2K19 better than 2K18.

2K, the brains behind the series since fully taking over from THQ in time for 2K14, had to offer more than a fresh coat of paint. They had to give patient fans a wealth of single-player modes beyond the skeletal options already there, and it was vital the MyCareer suite became more about actual storytelling than grinding through pointless, boring matches.

Is everything perfect? Of course not. 2K pushed the reset button on the series when they launched it on current-gen hardware four years ago, and nonsensically chipped away old favourites in the process. The good news is that there are more 'ups' than 'downs' this year, which is a far cry from last year's frustratingly slow, feature-less mess.

This is the best WWE video game since 2K14, make no mistake about it, and 2K aren't even done adding to the experience or experimenting with a new, wackier direction. Here's everything you need to know about why 2K19 is an essential purchase for anyone who felt the series was fast-becoming run-of-the-mill...


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