WWE 2K20: 10 Biggest Changes 2K Must Make

Time for a proper update...

WWE 2K20
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Here's a list of everything we know about WWE 2K20 thus far...

1. Yukes are watching closely.

That concludes today's list.

Put mildly, 2019 is a big, big year for 2K Games. If they don't deliver a WWE video game worthy of the license, then bosses at Yukes will rain fire on their asses. Perhaps that's justified. 2K19, whilst good in small doses, was hardly the kind of product that'd keep wrestling gamers hooked all year round. Put another way, it pales in comparison to most other sports or fighting games out there.

Changes that'll actually help 2K's series become a credit to WWE's license rather than one folks at Yukes and a fair number of fans criticise are overdue. It's timely too; in real-life, WWE are coming off the back of a largely inept Super ShowDown pay-per-view, one headlined by creaking old-timers who aren't as fun as they used to be.

Sound familiar? That's 2K's series in a nutshell, and if they're not up to the task of overhauling the franchise then there's gonna' be trouble. Here are our suggestions for some meaningful alterations the developers could make to their next game...

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