WWE 2K20: 10 Biggest Innovations We Need To See

You have been warned, 2K...

Yukes WWE 2K

Yukes' senior vice president and producer Hiromi Furuta gave 2K a verbal ass-kicking when she revealed the developers would be working on their own in-house alternative to the WWE 2K series. That game already sounds tasty without knowing anything about it, and the possibilities are quite endless for what it could involve.

Now is the time for 2K to innovate, not capitulate.

Contrary to what some might think (including Yukes, apparently), 2K do a solid job with the WWE license. Sure, things could be a lot better and more fun generally, but such petted-lip whining often comes from those who lived through the glory days of No Mercy on N64 or the golden age of SmackDown titles on PS2. To younger players who didn't experience such delights, 2K19 is probably totally fine and gives them an annual fix of WWE gaming all wrapped up behind world-class presentation.

Could it be better though? To quote Steve Austin, "Hell Yeah". The series has been resting on its laurels for years now, and Furuta's warning should act as an almighty kick up the backside for 2K's team. The thing is, as you'll see in this list, overhauling absolutely everything is unnecessary when they could tweak, tweak, tweak...

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