WWE 2K20: 10 Most Under-Rated Roster Members

Sasha got done dirty.

Sasha Banks

With WWE 2K20 due to release in mere days, early copies of the game have started to spring up in the wild, and the ever-anticipated overall ratings of the entire roster have since been revealed online.

Every single year without fail, fans are left frustrated and baffled by the franchise's many bizarre decisions in this regard, either pricing certain superstars too highly - as covered in our recent look at 2K20's most overrated wrestlers - or not giving them anywhere near enough credit.

This year's edition is no exception when it comes to selling many superstars short, refusing to accept their jaw-dropping skills in the ring and popularity with fans.

Yes, these ratings are ultimately beholden to the restrictions of kayfabe and booking, but even so, most of these below-the-odds ratings are shocking enough that it almost feels like someone's making a (possibly WWE-mandated) statement of sorts.

According to developer Visual Concepts, though, the superstar ratings are left entirely up to them...

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