WWE 2K20: 10 Playable Wrestlers Who WON'T Return

Cutting the 'Lunatic Fringe' for the first time since 2K14...

WWE 2K20

The future of wrestling video games looks exciting amidst reports that Yukes fancy serving up an alternative to 2K's long-running WWE franchise. Competition is good in any industry, including gaming, and that's why head honchos in Japan are keen to put some extra juice into a series that (if everyone's being honest) has been coasting for years now.

Competition is also why a few who were on 2K19's roster won't be involved when 2K20 inevitably releases sometime between October-November later this year. AEW's creation has changed the rules there, and it means two legends who were previously staples of 2K's stable are now unavailable.

We've drawn up a list of 10 playable wrestlers from 2K19 who are seriously unlikely to be in the new game. Alongside those who are now working exclusively elsewhere, there are recent releases to look at, some contractual queries to analyse and a guy who's killed any hopes of a much-wanted Showcase.

If Yukes successfully put pressure on 2K and up the ante, this year's title could be a very different game. As this list proves, it arguably already is...

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