WWE 2K20: 10 Reasons To Be Worried

2K's series is locked in a cage and yet to fulfill it's clear potential...

2K has listened enough to create both a 'Women's Evolution' Showcase and the ability to play as a female superstar MyCareer into 2K20, so why are people still whinging?

This isn't a good old-fashioned whinge as such. No, it's more of a concerned glance from someone who has been playing pro wrestling video games since WWF WrestleMania's port on Atari ST. Back then, a handful of pixellated characters and a few basic match types was all there was, and it was enough. This is 2019 though, and the gaming public demand more on souped up systems like PS4 and Xbox One.

There's no point in sugar coating it. This writer is extremely worried about the immediate future of 2K's WWE sim. Early screenshots and footage of 2K20 in action reveal that not much has changed, and that's disappointing. This is a series that has such a passionate, bustling community of players, yet it continues to meander along.

It's not all bad, obviously. Yours truly will still probably buy 2K's game and have some fun with it, but there's an overwhelming sense that things could be better. The potential is there for WWE video games to be luscious to look at and play.

Brace yourselves...

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