WWE 2K20: 10 Worst Looking Characters

Rating the worst of the worst in this ugly, ugly game.

2K Games

Who are the 10 worst looking characters in WWE 2K20? Every lifeless, plasticine gimp in MyCareer, going by what we've seen of that game mode so far. Unfortunately, those models don't represent real wrestlers. They're amongst this generation's shoddiest characters, with textures straight out of 2004, but that they aren't supposed to be digitalised WWE personalities disqualifies them from our list.

There's the bad news. The good news? We're still spoiled for choice even when restricted to the in-game character roster, because much of WWE 2K20 looks like it was designed by Geordi La Forge using a potato.

Fans have come to expect certain graphical inconsistencies from the franchise, so nobody should be surprised that much of 2K20's roster look nothing like they do in real life. That doesn't excuse these crappy models, though. That they continually get this volume of wrestlers so wrong is inexplicable, considering so many of these looked fine in 2K19, and yes, 2K can blame the change in developers, but this is amateur hour. The CAW community is already throwing up better-looking alternatives and the game isn't even out yet!

Grab yourself an umbrella and let's run through this downpour of dung.

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