WWE 2K20: 15 Most WTF Glitches You Need To See (So Far)

The glitchiest WWE game ever?

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WWE 2K20 hit stores worldwide this week, amid a tidal wave of apathy from fans due to the fact that even YouTube "influencers" given early access to the game couldn't find much nice to say about it.

And while it's simply accepted that every 2K WWE game is a jank-fest rife with bugs both frustrating and hilarious, this year's edition is especially egregious, largely due to 2K parting ways with longtime developer Yuke's mid-development, leaving Visual Concepts to complete the game solo.

Needless to say, despite the game being in players' hands for just a few days, social media is already jam-packed with jaw-droppingly insane glitches and bugs, to the extent that #FixWWE2K20 was a top trending hashtag in the U.S. on release day.

Better still, the furore was significant enough that the BBC even reported on it, while at the time of press 2K has kept curiously quiet about the state of the game.

Even with a 13GB day-one patch, this thing is still a flaming trainwreck, and fans probably shouldn't expect a sufficient remedy anytime soon. It is a 2K game after all...

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