WWE 2K20: 5 Things Patch 1.03 Fixed (And 9 It Didn't)

How to make WCW Backstage Assault look good in 14 more infuriating steps...

If 2K wanted to be honest about their latest game, they'd release a heartfelt apology for wasting everyone's time, taking patience for granted and hurling decades of consumer loyalty down the drain. That's how poor 2K20 is. It's an absolute mess of epic proportions, and there's no end in sight to the game's issues.

Patch 1.03 is the latest to try and sort some things out. It follows in the footsteps of 1.02, a download that addressed some problems, ignored others completely and left fans who had shelled out full price for the product dissatisfied. Are things any better with this latest attempt?

To be blunt, no.

2K's vague patch notes seemed to deliberately keep everyone in the dark about exactly what they had fixed with certain elements in the game. That made it a little harder to establish what had been sorted and what bugs were still riddling this once-proud series. Some things were improved, others were not. It's all so...annoying.

Here's everything players have found when testing the latest patch and fiddling around with all the "addressed reports" 2K claim to have taken seriously...

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