WWE 2K20: 7 Things 2K's Patch Fixed (And 11 It Didn't)

Laying the SmackDown on some glitches, but leaving others regrettably Raw.

WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20's launch was even less satisfying than The Gobbledy Gooker's hatching at Survivor Series 1990. Plus, some of the footage fans have shared in glitch videos on social media show 2K's dance moves to be worse than Gene Okerlund's. The game has become a laughing stock for those who didn't buy, and a reason to shed tears for those who did.

At least they're trying to patch it.

Patch 1.02 landed recently, and it aimed to eradicate all of the game-breaking issues players have run into in 2K20. The kicker is that 2K, as video game developers do, kept things annoyingly vague in their statement. That makes it difficult to ascertain whether or not they bothered sorting out some messes at all. Others are more obvious, and there is progress.

To see it, you'd have to tolerate a massive 10.81 GB update for Xbox One. The 4.78 GB size on PS4 isn't as bad, but it's still infuriating to hear 2K claim further patches are coming beyond this. That means you'll have a complete 2K20 product by next summer. Maybe.

Here's everything major they fixed and everything they didn't...

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