WWE 2K20 - First Entrances Revealed

BuddyMania is running wild, and Joe is gonna' kill you...

With less than two months to go before the game is released on 22 October, 2K has decided to publicly leak the very first footage of superstar entrances from WWE 2K20.

In both Samoa Joe and Buddy Murphy's videos (available above and below), it's possible to see that some lighting improvements have been made to the game. Not only that, but crowds now seem livelier than before. There's something more impressive this time about hearing them belt out a chorus of, "Joe! Joe! Joe!" during the Samoan's entrance than there was in 2K19.

On the negative side, commentary sounds like it'll still be a pain. In Murphy's entrance, Michael Cole can be heard saying, 'These guys look like they're ready for this match' like he's talking about a tag-team, not a singles star. That's something 2K desperately need to tidy up before launch.

On the whole, 2K20 looks like more of the same from these clips. Of course, it's the actual gameplay that matters more than entrances. For now though, this is really all fans have to go on before the game hits store shelves in late-October.

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