WWE 2K20: Full Roster Revealed

Over 115 superstars have been announced for the latest game.


WWE 2K20 is just around the corner, and we finally learned the full extent of its roster during a special event last night.

Rather than drip-feeding the assembled mass of digitised talent as in previous years, developers 2K Games partnered with YouTubers Smosh Games to drop the full bally list in one big go yesterday.

The New Day made a surprise cameo during the presentation, before it ended in spooky style, hijacked by an ever creepy one-off episode of the Firefly Funhouse.

The Fiend's incursion made eminent sense, given the terrifying nature of 2K20's DLC offerings.

Besides such unusual names as 'Frankenbraun Strowman' and 'Fed Up Sheamus', things are looking a little more regular. As ever, just about everybody from Raw and SmackDown are represented, as well as a sizeable contingent from NXT and the soon-to-be defunct 205 Live.

Most excitingly, there's also a huge range of legends, allowing for such dream matches as Papa Shango vs. Bray Wyatt and Brutus Beefcake vs. Titus O'Neil.

In total, 115 superstars have been officially named for the newest game (excluding some of the scary optional characters), making 2K20's one of the series' largest ever rosters. Here's everybody.

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