WWE 2K20: Predicting The 20 Highest Rated Superstars

'Hulkamania' running wild yet again and 2K finally taking women's wrestling seriously?

WWE 2K20
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It's been said a thousand times already, and it'll be said a million times more before release. This is a big year for 2K's WWE franchise. They simply cannot afford to muck it up and have Yukes breathing down their necks, especially with the Japanese publisher offering their own alternative.

Literally everything must be spot on in 2K20, and that includes the roster ratings.

You know how it goes by now. Every summer, 2K leak details on the roster ratings and social media blows up with criticism; whilst one person argues about Roman Reigns being pushed to the moon as one of the top characters again, another can be found bemoaning the lack of progress for hardcore faves from NXT. It's tough for developers to get this right, but guessing who will be near the top is a ton of fun.

This list will divide opinion, and rightfully so. It predicts the top 20 men, women and Legends (only Legends who have been announced are included) who will be floating eerily close to that impossible 100 mark. Who will be in the high-80s, who will peak towards the mid-90s and who will come within touching distance of a perfect score? Read on to find out...

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