WWE 2K20 Review: 3 Ups & 9 Downs

Don't waste your money.

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WWE 2K20 is out now, and it's fair to say that the response across the board from players, critics and even YouTube "influencers" has been near-universally negative.

This isn't terribly surprising, of course, what with regular WWE 2K developer Yuke's parting ways with 2K mid-development, leaving Visual Concepts to finish up the game solo.

But even so, WWE 2K20 is a uniquely terrible game which amplifies every bad thing anyone's ever said about this franchise, and proves above all else that it's in desperate need of a year off to push the reset button and figure things out.

Between the fact that #FixWWE2K20 has been trending on Twitter, Sony has been offering refunds to players and major news outlets even picked up on the game's technical failures - while 2K has remained radio silent - it is an abject disaster that, if we're being honest, is a total waste of your money.

If you're a hardcore WWE fan who just needs to own the next 2K game, then do so at your own peril. But you deserve better, and such lazy, cash-grabbing work as this hasn't earned your money - or anyone's....

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