WWE 2K20 - Women's Evolution Showcase Trailer Revealed

2K unbox the special 'Four Horsewomen' story, cameos, the full match list and more...

2K dropped their latest trailer for the upcoming WWE 2K20 game on Wednesday, and it focuses exclusively on that hotly-anticipated 'Four Horsewomen' Showcase starring Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Bayley.

Alongside interview footage with the quartet and live clips from their intertwining careers, players will be able to grapple through 15 matches from the 'Women's Evolution' movement. Successfully completing objectives will unlock new characters, ring attires, championship belts and more.

The complete list of matches in this year's Showcase is detailed in the pic below.

WWE 2K20
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Of note, there will be cameo appearances from female stars like Asuka (at WrestleMania 34), Ronda Rousey ('Mania 35's main event), Mickie James (Elimination Chamber 2017) and others. Some of the match choices are slightly strange; 'Mania 33's four-way, for example, was hardly a rip-roaring classic to rival some others.

It's clear that 2K want to let these women tell their stories though, so maybe they'll have some cool insight for some of the relative duds. Fully fleshing out a complete Showcase would've also been a sizeable challenge for the developers.

2K20 is released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 22 October.

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