WWE 2K21: 10 Ways To Save A Dying Franchise

A proper apology would rescue a series people love.

2K Games

If anyone thinks 2K will take a year off from making WWE video games in the short term, they probably need a reality check.

2K20 might have been a disaster of epic proportions, and it might've caused serious damage to the studio's relationship with customers, but these games are still big business for WWE. The promotion expect some sort of new video game every single year; if they don't get it, then they're leaving money on the table. There's no room on the annual release train for gaps unless they're planned way in advance or part of some long-term strategy.

The real question people should be asking isn't whether 2K will release WWE 2K21. No, it's how they go about saving a dying franchise and making peace with a fanbase seriously peeved by the product they and Visual Concepts spewed out late-last year. 2K21 must offer something more than its predecessor, and it has to be a success.

Here's everything 2K can do to ensure 2K21 isn't laughed at like last year's title was. Nobody needs (or should want) another absolute fail that's only good for filling space on 'Worst Games' lists everywhere...

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