WWE 2K22: 10 Things We Already Know

GM Mode, new Create-A-Wrestler, next gen hardware, new gameplay mechanics and more.

WWE 2K22

Visual Concepts and 2K Games Executive Producer Patrick Gilmore recently conducted an AMA on Reddit that covered a lot of ground. Gilmore, who only joined the team recently, has spent the past three months deep-diving on all things WWE 2K, and he was keen to share his knowledge of the inner workings and discuss the future of the series.

First, he had some bad news.

Gilmore revealed that 2K and VC won't be releasing any new patches for the dreadful 2K20. That means the game, which is still largely broken, will remain a glitchy mess forever more, and it means anyone who forked over cash for it (even in sales) won't ever enjoy a finished product. At least he was honest, eh?

The bulk of the AMA dealt with 2K's decision to take a break, skip 2K21 completely and focus on the follow-up 2K22 game. Fans poured in with hundreds of questions, and Gilmore's answers revealed a ton about what people can expect from the next main entry in the once-beloved-but-now-battered franchise.

Here's everything you need to know about what 2K22 already has in store...


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