WWE 2K22: 15 New CAWs You Must Download Immediately

WWE 2K22's servers just got flooded with a new bunch of must-have CAWs!

WWE 2K22 Cody Rhodes
2K Games

2K's servers filled up with cracking CAWs almost immediately, and the quality hasn't stopped.

There are some quite-brilliant creators out there - IconicCAWS has become a hot spot for some of the best AEW stars, but newcomers like KELSCREATIONS and MBDC show real promise. Maybe those folks aren't new new to the CAW game generally, but they have been uploading some proper winners onto the Community Creations hub lately.

Fans can sleep soundly knowing they're not sitting around waiting on 2K themselves to launch new DLC packs. In fact, on that note, some of the character models on Community Creations are actually better looking than the early screenshots flying around from those packs.

There's a nice mix of retro and modern favourites here too. Want to update some of All Elite's finest on your 2K22 roster? This is the place for you. Need some 'Attitude' style faves and WCW stars alike for that nostalgic Universe Mode save? You got it.

Don't be fooled by the way 2K's preview hub stretches some characters either. They never look that gangly in-game, so grab these must-have CAWs right now.


15. MJF

WWE 2K22 Cody Rhodes
2K Games

Creator: KisaragiTV

Downloads: 41,947

He's a little pr*ck, but he's your little pr*ck.

OK, that didn't sound right. Anyway, check out KisaragiTV's version of MJF; the CAW has become a hot ticket on the 'Most Downloaded' tab of Community Creations, and rightfully so. The fact the package even comes with Friedman's 'promo suit' is a nifty bonus.

This is one of the better MJF characters around. Kisaragi's attention to detail on the face and ring attire alike is very nice to see. So, sprinkle a little bit of heel magic onto your 2K22 roster as soon as possible. Honestly, this is must-download stuff, and a logical starting point.

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