WWE 2K22: 18 Most Realistic WCW CAWs You Must Download Immediately

Grab the best WCW and nWo downloads from WWE 2K22's Community Creations experts!

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Anyone out there fancy turning WWE 2K22 into WCW/nWo Revenge?

It's totally possible in 2K's latest, and that's all thanks to the wonderful Community Creations suite. Old-school WCW lovers everywhere can freely customise their Universe Mode saves, scrap everything WWE and relive the glory days of Monday Nitro, Thunder, Starrcade and more.

WWE's newest game did include a few familiar faces, but there's not nearly enough WCW in 2K22. That, again, is where the creation hub comes in - countless creators out there have been painstakingly handcrafting some of the best WCW and nWo CAWs around, and they're all here for you to check out.

Then, y'know, download and play as.

Variety is everything when it comes to piecing together an exhaustive roster, so there are legends from the old NWA days sprinkled in too. You'll find everything from CAWs that'd make Jim Crockett shed a tear to those who'd probably give latter-day WCW chief Vince Russo nightmares.

There's even a handy way to bypass 2K's expensive pre-order bonuses/season pass content too. Keep a beady eye out for that, because it'll save you some cash along the way.

18. Vampiro

2K Games

Creator: Forsaken

Downloads: 13,560

Vampiro is one of those latter-day stars who threatened to become a main event player in WCW between 1999-2000. The darker counterpoint to Sting, he faded away rather quickly before the company snuffed it and got scooped up by Vince McMahon.

The good news? Forsaken's CAW is bloody brilliant.

You get Vamp's 'Dark Carnival' and singles run entrance attires into the bargain too. Maybe downloading this one, programming him against the Stinger and doing a better job than WCW did at the time will ease the pain of Vampiro's failed headline push.

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