WWE 2K22 Wishlist: 10 Things Fans Demand

WWE 2K22 must be everything long-term fans need and more. This is 2K's last chance.

WWE 2K22
2K Games

Gamers are right to demand a lot of 2K Games this time.

The company plopped 2K20 out towards the tail end of 2019, and that disaster has completely destroyed any remaining confidence long-jaded players had in the series. Battlegrounds won't cut it as an apology either - that side-show was a decent, kid-friendly button-masher, but all eyes remain firmly focused on the next main entry.

WWE 2K22 will be one of two things. It'll either be the game that rescues a dying franchise from the fiery abyss, or it'll be the final nail in the coffin that sends everyone tumbling towards AEW's upcoming games to see what they have to offer. This isn't just WWE's marketplace anymore, which means there's significant pressure on 2K to deliver.

This is also the team's final chance to get things right and show they're capable of producing a great WWE game without Yuke's. Emphasis on great, because decent, solid or workable won't be enough to placate a sceptical audience. This has to be a totally polished, authentic, fun and all-round upgrade on everything that 2K has done before.

Or else...

10. A Glitch-Free Experience

WWE 2K22
2K Games

Rule #1: NO BUGS.

The above shot isn't some freaky mod or manipulation of WWE 2K20's gameplay. Nah, it's a still from video footage that shows just how f*cked the game was (and, being honest, still is). That Ronda Rousey-ish mess of pixels jarred up in the ropes is everything that 2K22 cannot be.

It's vital that 2K release a finished product first and foremost. They need to play test the hell out of this thing before anyone outside 2K or Visual Concepts' offices even claps eyes on it. It's brutal, but there will be YouTubers, critics and players out there salivating at the thought of this being another failure.

People will hyper-analyse bugs and glitches more than ever, and there are bound to be some early over-reactions when the game first launches. So, if they're smart, everyone involved in making the thing will ensure that it's as watertight as possible.

Post-release patches won't do.

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