WWE 2K23: 13 Best Female CAWs You Must Download

Building a killer women's division in WWE 2K23? Then you NEED these sensational CAWs!

WWE 2K23 Mandy Rose
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It's entirely possible to build your very own all-female version of WWE in Universe Mode. So, if you fancy turning those letters into "Women's Wrestling Entertainment", then have at it! 2K gives you that freedom in WWE 2K23, but be warned: You'd best stock up on some killer CAWs from Community Creations before launching Universe.

Want some good news? There are some incredible creations just waiting on your downloads in the suite. Other players have been busy crafting a locker room full of WWE updates, AEW favourites and legends from yesteryear, and all of them look every bit as sparkling as the on-disc workers 2K's artists put together.

Community Creations will never get old - it's one of the best things about 2K23. Gamers can easily lose hours just browsing through everything on offer, and it's amazing that creators out there are so dedicated to the cause. They've even ensured that entrance routines and victory celebrations are as accurate as possible too, which is a nifty bonus.

Here are the best female CAWs you need on your roster. The term "women's revolution" might be old hat now, but you can bring it back by nabbing these gems!

13. Britt Baker

WWE 2K23 Mandy Rose
2K Games

Creator: AntronxE

Downloads: 43,233

Over 43,000 folks have downloaded Britt Baker, which makes her one of the most popular CAWs on the market. That's not surprising once you take a gander at the work AntronxE put in - this is a stunning character model from head to toe, and certainly one you need on your roster.

It comes with two different attire options too.

There are loads of cracking AEW CAWs on the download pages (more of them to come), but 'D.M.D' must be considered one of the best. Facially, this one is just spot on. It's almost freaky how high-quality this is, to be honest!

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