WWE 2K24: 10 Changes From 2K23 That Must Happen

2K23 is great fun, but here's how 2K makes sure WWE 2K24 is even better!

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The world moves fast, which is why people currently enjoying the rather excellent WWE 2K23 are already whipping up wishlists for things to come in next year's title. 2K24 will land before WrestleMania XL in early-2024, and it'll come with the usual amount of hype.

That hype, by the way, is merited these days - 2K pulled the nose up their series after a dreadful period by gifting 2K22 on the world. Then, they successfully built on those solid foundations by delivering a modern classic just last month.

Players demand more though, and why not?

There's still so much more 2K could do with the franchise, especially when developers will be keen to bat off coming competition from AEW's Fight Forever video game. Only time will tell on that one, but 2K can't afford to stand still regardless of what Yuke's throw up elsewhere.

Think of this as a dream collection of improvements and positive changes WWE 2K24 could make. This series can go further with WarGames, further with MyRise, further with customisation and...change Showcase Mode forever?!

Don't rule it out, because 2K24 will be keen to keep the good vibes coming.

10. Dives Onto Multiple Wrestlers

WWE 2K24
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2K Gameplay Producer Bryan Williams has been talking about this one a lot.

He told Wccftech that the dev-team's tech has changed significantly since 2K22 launched. Some of that is visible in 2K23, and it's why grand ideas like the WarGames match type finally became reality. Now, according to Williams, it's time for even more.

He'd like to introduce a fresh mechanic that let players dive onto multiple wrestlers at once during gameplay. Currently, animations 'lock in' on one opponent when you dive over the ropes, off corners turnbuckles or from atop a cage. That means your character will only land on one opponent.

Bryan fancies being able to wipe out everybody else at the same time. So, say you're playing a Fatal-4-Way bout and all three rivals are throwing hands outside the ring. You'd get to climb the ropes and jump onto the entire pack in one fell swoop.

Just as well JR won't be doing commentary in 2K24. He hates that spot!

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