WWE 2K24: 10 Rumours You Need To Know

The rumour mill is going crazy heading into WWE 2K24's big release window!

WWE 2K24 CM Punk Bray Wyatt
2K Games

Rumours, rumours, rumours!

Punch some words vaguely linked to WWE video games into Google and you're likely to be clotheslined by loads of Reddit threads dedicated to things like, "WWE 2K24 Wish Lists". That's understandable, especially considering 2K has got the finger out since relaunching the series with 2K22.

Last year's 2K23 followed suit by honing some of the well-received ideas that had acted as an apology to anyone who stomached the woeful 2K20 (sorry for making a few of you shudder). There's a general feeling that the devs are still making up for that train wreck, but hopes are high that the upcoming 2K24 will be another winner to make everyone proud.

2K just teased the fanbase with some fresh info slated for 22 January. So, ahead of time, this is a collection of the juiciest rumours doing the rounds right now. People are talking about everything from new match types, the Showcase mode, possible changes to the way Community Creations works, who will be pre-order bonuses and/or DLC, and much, much more.

Grab a drink and dig in. Or, maybe popcorn would be more fitting, because this game could be box office!

10. Cody Rhodes Will Be The Cover Star

WWE 2K24 CM Punk Bray Wyatt
2K Games

Most assume 2K are about to reveal 2K24's cover star on 22 January. If so, then one Cody Rhodes surely has to be in the running. He's one of WWE's biggest merch sellers, and nobody can move for the amount of "finish the story" chat surrounding Cody's dream on company programming.

Don't be shocked if this rumour comes true.

A smiling Rhodes on the box art sounds like it'd work. The numbers don't lie - Cody has been shifting a ton of merchandise for WWE, and people seem super-into the thought of seeing him flying high as the top champion in 2024. Perhaps 2K can get ahead of the curve there by slapping him on the cover.

Interestingly enough, Rhodes isn't the only star rumoured for the cover spot. There's another, arguably more eyebrow-raising choice that some believe will get the nod instead. That wording makes it sound like The Rock, but it isn't. It's the one and only...


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