WWE's Asuka To Start YouTube Gaming Channel?

Could Asuka have the next UpUpDownDown on her hands?

Asuka WWE

It looks like WWE Superstar Asuka is on the verge of launching her own YouTube channel, having tweeted the following earlier today:-

'The Empress Of Tomorrow' has since posted this image of what is presumably her recording setup:-

There's currently no word on when KanaChanTV will start releasing content, though her interests away from the ring suggest it'll have something to do with videogames. This mean's she entering Xavier Woods' domain, whose hugely-successful UpUpDownDown channel has featured Asuka several times, and just broke two million subscribers on the back of a busy daily upload schedule.

Perhaps Asuka will find this new venture more fulfilling than her full-time job. 'The Empress' as SmackDown Women's Champion as recently as March, but her Kabuki Warriors tag team with Kairi Sane went off the rails quickly. Manager Paige's recent neck surgery puts a big question mark over when they might return, despite both wrestlers' obvious, explosive talents between the ropes.

Whatever comes next for the Kabuki Warriors on Raw and SmackDown, at least KanaChanTV will keep Asuka occupied while she's off WWE television.

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