XBOX: 10 Best Games To Boost Your Gamerscore

Follow this guide to the 10 best games to boost your Xbox Gamerscore.

Love them or hate them, it can't be denied that when you finally pass that annoying part of a level that's had you screaming and throwing your controller across the room for the last two hours, the feeling of accomplishment is only truly satisfying when you hear the sweet popping sound of an achievement being unlocked and your Gamerscore going up by a few points. Having overtaken the once mighty €high score,€ your Gamerscore creates rivalry between your Xbox live friends and is a great way to show-of your gaming accomplishments, especially if you manage to unlock every single achievement in a game and get the full 1000 Gamerpoints. But it is easy to get obsessed with your score and every now and then you might need a boost when you find your friends overtaking you. That is where this list might help. There are a bunch of games, usually TV and movie tie-ins that even though they do everything wrong in terms of what makes a quality video game, they are still heavily sought after because they have very easy achievements. So if increasing your Gamerscore is your main goal in life or if you just want to quickly boost your score by playing games that won't require you to devote your life to sitting in-front of the TV with a controller in your hand, follow this guide to the 10 best games to boost your Xbox Gamerscore. 10. Prison Break: The Conspiracy I never saw Prison Break the TV series so I didn't have much background knowledge when I started playing this game but still managed to enjoy myself. You play Agent Tom Paxton who is sent undercover into Fox River Penitentiary to make sure Lincoln Burrows, a prisoner who has been falsely incarcerated, is executed in the electric chair. Apparently the storyline goes hand-in-hand with the first season of the show. The game mostly plays like a poor man's Splinter Cell as you sneak your way around the prison to complete various tasks like steeling a knife from the kitchen or reading a fellow prisoners medical reports. To accompany the stealth sections which make up majority of the game, you will occasionally have to have fisticuffs with other inmates. The fighting mechanics are very simple, you only have a quick punch and a strong punch, so don't expect to be tested to the limit. The games achievements are very easy to get and most unlock as you make your way through the story. You do have some annoying ones like ''Swole'' which makes you tap the Y button continuously for 10 minutes as Agent Paxton lifts weights in the prison yard. But after about 8 hours and a couple of playthroughs, you will have the full 1000 points. Annoying Achievement: "Invisible (90G)" which is unlocked if you manage to complete all the stealth sections of the game without being spotted. The annoying part is that if you are seen by a guard, you have to quit to the Xbox dashboard and restart the game from your last save which might mean you end up having to repeat large portions of the game, over and over.

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