Xbox 360 Almost Outsold PS3 & Nintendo Wii Combined Console Sales in June!

North American sales numbers are and for the month of June and it's great news for Microsoft but not so much Nintendo and Sony!

The North American sales numbers are in for the month of June and it makes great reading for Bill Gates and Microsoft. The NDP reports that the Xbox 360 lead the way in sales with 507,000 units sold last month compared to the Nintendo Wii's 273,000, and finally the PlayStation 3's total of 276,000 units. Disappointing numbers for Sony, but I believe that some gamers are waiting for the rumored price drop on the PS3 which may somewhat explain why the numbers are so low. In addition, the game sales figures were also released and LA Noire came out on top for the month of June, with Duke Nukem coming in second (a good month for Take-Two). In addition Alice: Madness Returns did pretty well according to one source. However, that same source mentions that Shadow of the Damned tanked horribly; which is unfortunate because it's a cracking game - especially compared to a game as bad as Duke Nukem, but which keeps bringing in the sales!

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