Xbox One: 10 Biggest Mistakes Microsoft Have Made So Far

Understanding exclusivity would've been a good start.

Xbox one

As with any home console, the Xbox One has a lot going for it. Strong support from developers, good technology and a few standout exclusives mean there's plenty to love about the Xbox One.

Despite all of the positives though, Microsoft's new system is definitely the underdog in the current generation. Whilst the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch are both having massive success in the market, the Xbox One doesn't seem to have as big of a fanbase as it previously did with the original Xbox or the 360.

This isn't without reason. Although they do seem to be putting more effort into their fanbase and image, Microsoft are still making the same mistakes now that they were at the start, without really improving much at all.

Yes, they may have an extremely powerful console in the works, but it doesn't mean they're not dropping their share of clangers. Let us know in the comments how you've found Microsoft and the Xbox One's approach to this generation so far, and whether they even stand a chance at reclaiming so much lost footing.

10. The State Of Crackdown 3

Xbox one

As it stands right now, Crackdown 3 doesn't look ready for a release at all. Even with the constant delays, Sumo Digital's upcoming actioner still doesn't inspire much faith for Xbox gamers.

Recent footage from E3 2017 has shown that Crackdown 3 looks extremely tired in both presentation and general gameplay. The once iconic cel-shaded art style has now been done better in many other titles, and the simple open-world run n' gun gameplay lacks any sort of depth or excitement.

Originally, Crackdown 3 was advertised as having a completely destructible city, but even this feature seems to have been relegated to a simple multiplayer destruction arena.

A shame, because this would have really set Crackdown 3 apart.

All of this negativity isn't exactly helped by the fact that, as of right now, Crackdown 3 is probably the biggest and best that Microsoft has to offer. It doesn't look like delays are going to help this one much.

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