Xbox Scarlett: 5 Burning Questions Microsoft Must Answer

Microsoft's comeback will be with... an all-streaming console?!


At E3 2018, a mere two months ago, Phil Spencer concluded Microsoft's impressive showcase by nonchalantly adding that his team was hard at work on the next generation of Xbox systems, codenamed Scarlett.

While this wasn't shocking news in and of itself - companies like Sony and Microsoft tinker at new consoles as soon as the previous ones launch - Spencer being so open and honest on stage was surprising from an industry so often unnecessarily tight-lipped.

What was truly interesting about his statement however, was the word "consoles". Plural. This raised a few eyebrows, but most industry pundits chalked it up to multiple SKUs, like when the PS3 launched with two of the same systems having differing storage capacity.

A recent report from Thurrot has stated that Microsoft is indeed working on more than one system, but they are far from mere storage SKUs.

According to the report, Microsoft is working on two different consoles.

The first is said to be a traditional Xbox console, while the second is a more interesting, cloud-based streaming system. The alleged streaming console will be built around a service akin to PlayStation Now.


Suffice to say, the news was controversial amongst gamers, and raised more questions than answers. Will gamers be receptive to such a system? Will it even be usable by the majority of consumers? Only time will tell.

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