Xbox SmartGlass SDK Available Now For Devs

SmartGlass is now in the hands of developers everywhere, and with any luck we'll be seeing some great innovation this fall.

SmartGlass technology, and now Software Development Kits have been released for free to developers everywhere in order to deliver SmartGlass this fall. Microsoft has sent out a press release that highlights many of the key features that the SDK will include such as: · Xbox SmartGlass Studio - Xbox SmartGlass Studio enables developers to start building Xbox SmartGlass Activities. · Xbox SmartGlass JavaScript Library - The JavaScript Library contains a set of device APIs that are consistent across all platforms. · Sample Code - A sample application that provides developers with an example of how to build an Xbox SmartGlass Activity. Now that the SmartGlass SDK's are in the hands of developers, it will be a long wait to see what innovative and interesting ways that the application is implemented. The SmartGlass application for Windows 8, Windows Phone, and other portable devices will connect phones, PC's and tablets to your Xbox 360 console in amazing new ways. Microsoft gaming fans will be able to launch and navigate movies while receiving details on the film or TV show. Taking off? No worries, just drag the movie to your tablet and off you go. Perhaps the coolest feature for gaming, is the ability to use your SmartGlass enabled device as a second screen to receive information or use as a map. I can hope for a real-time display of the Arkham City map, as I glide through the streets searching for Riddler trophies. I'm looking at you Rocksteady. Make it happen. If you're curious for more information, be sure to check out our full write up or visit the official Xbox SmartGlass page. Stay tuned as we will be providing more information as Microsoft releases it.

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